Cultural Correspondents

A program of the Center for International Understanding

Cultural Correspondents is an innovative way of partnering university study abroad students with K-8 classrooms in North Carolina. Using 21st century communications technologies, university study abroad students are paired with K-8 classrooms to present lessons on their host country, culture, and experiences. The teachings that study abroad students and their classroom teacher design and share with K-8 classrooms are aligned to classroom concepts and curriculum, thus fulfilling State Board of Education mandates. This type of partnership is mutually beneficial because it allows study abroad students to gain valuable service-learning experience, while also allowing K-8 students to learn firsthand about another country’s cultures, climate, economy, geography, etc. Correspondent teachings are supervised and facilitated by the classroom teacher as additional parts of their lessons. Each participant receives training in web conferencing, a technology that combines familiar computer applications in a virtual online classroom designed for real-time communication and collaboration. All of these aspects combined help ensure the K-8 student has a complete education, well-rounded by an introduction to international education that can help prepare them to become 21st century graduates.

Cultural Correspondents has grown from 3 partnerships in our pilot program to 34 partnerships across North Carolina and has reached over 1,000 students through 120 instruction hours. Please contact Jessie Mendez, Cultural Correspondents Program Manger, for more information on the program at jmendez@northcarolina.edu or 919.420.1360 ext. 221.

Participant Comments

~What It Looks Like~

Example Lesson*

*Please allow 1-2 minutes for the video to connect and load. Contact Jessie Mendez if you cannot access the video at jmendez@northcarolina.edu. This lesson is a shortened excerpt from the original lesson, edited by the Cultural Correspondents program.

Burgaw Elementary
Costa Rica

Learning about animals!


An example of some of the NC Standard Course of Study requirements
this lesson fulfills are the following;

Science - Goal 1: Objectives 1.01-1.03
Information Skills - Goal 3: Objectives 3.01-3.02
Computer Technology Skills - Goal 2: Objective 2.05**