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Using Voicethread to Establish Digital Partnerships

Bill Ferriter

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One of the most engaging tools to use to connect your students to sister classrooms abroad is Voicethread. The resources on this page will help you to start using Voicethread with your students.
  1. Using Voicethread to Establish Digital Partnerships
    1. What is Voicethread?
    2. Why Voicethread?
    3. How Voicethread?
      1. Handouts for Students
      2. Make a Voicethread in One Minute
      3. Creating Multiple Identities
      4. Moderating Comments
      5. Setting Up Your Microphone
      6. Embedding a Voicethread in a Wiki
    4. Sample Voicethread Presentations
      1. What Do You Value:
      2. The Cultural Photograph: Southern Europe


What is Voicethread?

One of the best free tools available to teachers and students who are learning with the world rather than about the world is Voicethread. Known as a “group audio blog,” Voicethread allows users to record text and audio comments about uploaded images.

This Voicethread presentation is designed to introduce you to just exactly what a Voicethread presentation is:

Why Voicethread?

Voicethread has two distinct advantages for classrooms that are communicating and collaborating across counties, countries or continents:

Voicethread is Asynchronous: That means that users can work on and enjoy Voicethread presentations at any time—even if their “partners” are sleeping a million miles away!

Voicethread is Engaging: Let’s face it—sometimes working with partners or digital pen pals can be pretty boring. After all, email and discussion boards are nothing more than written text. Voicethread gives users something interesting to talk about—pictures! What’s more, being able to actually hear one another makes digital communication through Voicethread much more personal.

How Voicethread?

Handouts for Students

Using Voicethread is easier than you can ever imagine! Here is a collection of documents that Bill Ferriter---the NCIW Digital Partnership Technology Advisor----has created for use with his students:

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Ferriter has also used these handouts with students working on classroom projects:

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Here are several tutorials---created by the kind folks at Voicethread---that will walk you through common Voicethread features and tools:

Make a Voicethread in One Minute

Creating Multiple Identities

Moderating Comments

Setting Up Your Microphone

Embedding a Voicethread in a Wiki

Sample Voicethread Presentations

Many students are beginning to experiment with Voicethread presentations as a forum for collective conversations. Here are two examples:

What Do You Value:

The Cultural Photograph: Southern Europe